La Regola del Sonno
Das Gesetz der Träume

Autorenfilm | 28min | Italien | 1992

Buch & Regie : Michele Fasano
Darsteller : Dalia Zipoli & Lello Milantoni
Kamera : Thomas Henk Henkel
Ton : Alessandro Saviozzi
Schnitt : Birgit Frank
Produktion : Sattva Films

Rimini Cinema International Exibition

Clermont-Ferrand International Festival of Short Films

48th Locarno International Film Festival

The protagonist of the film lives alone in his poor home, even if not without people to speak to, in the first place his ancestors, Lari ghosts of the house, but also spirits to exorcise. He keeps their photographs tied with string to the headboard of his bed. He accuses them all, peeking at them from under the covers. It is raining and the hovel in which he lives does not seem to be able to resist the thunderstorm. Water pours in from all sides and with it the memory of a woman met casually a long time ago insists itself into his mind, the only living break in his lazy and habitual thoughts. For some time this figure had disappeared from his heart, a hopeful image that helps him find his true face again.


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Thomas Henk Henkel

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